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Hollywood Oxygen Facial

At Arabella we call the oxygen infusion treatment "The Hollywood Treatment" and it's very popular.

We do ultra sonic exfoliation and then the oxygen infusion using customized serums.  Topping it off with 15 minutes under a LED light.

Here's what's being said about this treatment:  An oxygen facial immediately revitalizes your skin and hides even the tiniest imperfections.  It has exploded onto the beauty scene largely due to its instant results, characterized by a smoothing and pluming of the skin's surface.  Oxygen is sprayed at a high pressure directly to the skin's surface.  A serum is atomized and delivered as a soothing mist and then infused (pushed) into the skin.  The oxygen acts as a catalyst that opens up the skin's pores to allow increase absorption of the active ingredients.  What's the best part? The results are undeniable and immediate!

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