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Micro Current Facial Toning

Micro current is one of the best, yet overlooked technologies in natural anti-aging medicine.  A micro current facial is a natural and effective alternative to cosmetic injections involving an advanced micro current system that stimulates collagen and elastin, decreases fine lines and wrinkles and tightens sagging skin.  It's considered non-surgical face lift when performed over a series of treatments.  What makes micro current technology so incredible and unique is that is is the only aesthetic treatment available that can naturally and physically firm and tone the skin through muscle re-education.  Micro current is a specifically small amount of electricity that mirrors the body's own natural current and works in harmony with the body's electrical system.  This process involves a gentle re-education of the fine facial muscles by stimulating them with very small amounts of electricity.

One of the biggest advantages of using micro current for natural anti-aging is that there are no negative side effects or adverse risks involved.  You don't experience any pain, redness or down-time.  It simply works with your body in its own natural state, which makes it so incredible safe and effective.  The treatments are so very cost-effective in comparison to the more invasive and expensive cosmetic procedures, such as aesthetic lasers and plastic surgery, which also involve many risks and undesirable side-effects.

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