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Skin Care with Michaela


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Customized Facial Customized to your skin care needs.  If you want to relax this is the facial for you.  Includes light therapy.
Express Facial - 30 mins - $60   Book Now 
Deluxe Facial - 60 mins - $110   Book Now 

Diamond Microdermabrasion Diamond vacuum microderm, with tightening & moisturizing.  Includes light therapy.. $140 Book Now  

OxyGeneo Deluxe Facial  Exfoliate, oxygenate, infuse.  If you want super soft skin this is for you.  Includes light therapy. $140  Book Now 

Celebrity Facial Like a filler for the whole face and neck. Exfoliates. Brightens. Plumps.  Includes light therapy.  $150  Book Now 

Hydra Oxygen Facial -  Using a vacuum vortex application, this treatment will clean out pores and remove dead skin(not for clients with rosacea or broken veins on face)  Includes light therapy.  $140 Book Now 

Shock Facial -  Start off exfoliating, then shock the skin with heat and cold to brighten & tighten. Includes light therapy.  - $140  Book Now 

Gold Facial -  Gold is a natural anti-inflammatory, one that has been used to treat skin inflammation since Ancient Egypt. The Gold Facial works to improve blood circulation, prevent premature aging, slow down the collagen depletion, as well as reduce inflammation/swelling. All while giving you the luxurious experience you deserve. 
Face only 
Book Now 
Face neck and declote $225 includes light therapy  Book Now  

Photo Facial

Laser Pigmentation Removal -
Full Face  $225  
Book Now  
Spot Treatment $60 
Book Now 

Express Light Peels & Enzymes

(30 mins)

Glycolic Peel By rapidly exfoliating cells, this peel unclogs pores, smooths texture, and clarifies.  Includes light therapy $70  Book Now 

Lactic Enzyme Good for acne, enlarged pores, texture & pigmentation. Includes light therapy. $70  Book Now 

Skin Script Enzyme and Mask  10 different enzymes to choose from.
Includes skin script mask.  $70
Book Now 

Medium Peels

Mandelic Acid 40 Peel Reduces the appearance of skin redness, reduces pore size and improves skin texture and tone. $120  Book Now 

Jessner Peel Reduces the appearance of moderately hyperpigmented skin.  Improves skin radiance, tone, texture and smoothness. $120  Book Now 

Pyruvic Acid 50 Peel Decreases appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and other premature signs of skin aging.  Reduces appearance of acne blemishes, pore size and lessens the appearance of dark spots.  $120  Book Now 
TCA LP Peel Decreases the appearance of moderately to severely hyperpigmented skin. Reduces visible signs of aging, improves skin texture, tone and improves skin smoothness.
Book Now 

Brightening (strong) This is the strongest of the medium peels.  Peel away pigmentation.
Book Now 


Promotes scar-less healing & natural collagen reproduction.  Resurface your skin, minimize pores, lessen scars, improve overall texture and appearance of your skin. Includes enzyme & light therapy. 
Face only $225 (includes led)  
Book Now  
Face, neck and declote $250 includes light therapy 
Book Now 

Acne Treatments

Acne Zap Break up and kill stubborn acne with this quick service.  you can add a light peel to help with exfoliation, scarring and pigmentation.
 Acne Zap - $30  Book Now 
Acne Zap + Light Peel - $70  Book Now 

Blemish Remover

Vascutouch Removes skin tags, cherry angiomas, facial veins, calcium deposits and facial blemishes.
1-15 mins - 
Book Now  
16-30 mins -  $100  Book Now 


Add-ons (Must be added to a regular service)

Michaela Wax

Express Dermaplaning - $70 (45 Minutes)  Book Now 

Ultimate Dermaplaning - $125 (75 Minutes)  Book Now 

Sheet Mask - $10  Book Now 
Vacuum (t zone only) - $15  Book Now 
Vibration Plate - $10  Book Now 
High Frequency - $10  Book Now 
Light Therapy Mask - $25  Book Now 
Hydro Jelly Mask - $25  Book Now 
Facial Toning (Microcurrent and rf) - $50  Book Now 
Radio Frequency only - $25  Book Now 
Lip Exfoliation and Mask - $10  Book Now 

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