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What should I expect at my consultation?


The consultation takes about 1/2 hour and then I can do a treatment right away. It is usually takes between 9 and 20 minutes for the first time. 


I will walk you through the Spa/Salon and introduce you to all the services we offer.  


You will need to fill out some paperwork. 


Electrolysis is explained on this site but I will go over that information with you again. 


I will show you my sterilization procedures and equipment so you can feel safe. I practice all state laws and regulations. 


My prices and hours are posted here on this site and in my room.    


Before we start your treatment, I will make sure your questions are answered to the best of my ability.


After your treatment is done, I will schedule you for your next appointment. 


Feel free to read the website and information here.


Find me on my facebook page:  Linda's Electrolysis Service. 


I want your visit to be a comfortable, informative and professional. 


Come see me soon! 



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