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In order for electrolysis to be effective the hair has to be in the anagen stage which is the growing stage. The higher the anagen ratio, the more successful the electrolysis treatment will be.

You can help the anagen ratio be higher by:

1. Seeing your electrologist more often and making regular consistent appointments. A shorter appointment when all the hairs are in anagen stage, even if less hair is showing, is better than making longer appointments. If they are not in anagen stage, the treatment is less effective. 

2. Do not pluck, wax or thread hair, it will take months to enter into the anagen stage again and will slow down the process.  

3. I recommend that you shave the area to be treated 3 days before your appointment. The anagen hairs will pop up above the skin the day of your treatment. The telogen hairs will still be under the skin. If shaving bothers you, try using a depilatory cream instead 5 days before the treatment. 







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