Katherine Hasselman Massage Services


30 mins - $35

60 mins - $65

90 mins - $95

120 mins - $130

Deep Tissue 

30 mins - $40

60 mins - $75

90 mins - $115

120 mins - $150

Hot Stone

60 mins - $75

90 mins - $115

Chair Massage

15 mins - $15

Prenatal Massage

30 mins - $35

60 mins - $65

Age 65 & Older

30 mins - $30

60 mins - $50


30 mins - $35

60 mins - $65

Bodywork on horses 

60 mins - $50 (There is a trip charge)

All massage include a cold pressured pure essential oil if desired.  Please inform if you have allergies to plants, flowers, etc.  If you are on blood thinners, you will need a Doctors okay for massage.


Myofascial Release slow stretch of fascia and muscle to break adhesive tissue and scarring.

Pregnancy  massage is good if there are no complications with the pregnancy after the 1st trimester.  Essential oils are not used.  Massage is great for the back and anxiety of the expectant Mom may experience.  A lot of change is occurring!

Trigger Point  is work on muscle that is "knotted" or hypercontracted.

Lymphatic Drainage  is a very slow, light movement towards the heart to help take fluids away from limbs to lymph areas to be eliminated from the body.  Fluids in limbs can come from medical issues, surgery, etc.  Ask your Doctor for massage approval if you have edema.

Chair Massage you are fully clothed and in a seated position leaning forward against a cushion with face in a cradle.

Craniosacral a light touch on the head, spine and sacrum helps to work on the spinal fluids and cranial sutures.

Deep Tissue starts with a light touch on the surface tissue and works deeper into the muscle, using pinch and stretch, firm compression.

Neuromuscular (NMT) involves posture assessment, muscle testing and stretch to balance nervous system.

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