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1.  How do I prepare for a treatment?
Trim or shave area that you want treated at least 24 hours before appointment.  No plucking or waxing before the treatment.  You want the hair below the surface to remain since the laser searches for dark pigmentation.  Removal of the hair leaves the follicle empty and nothing for the laser to target.

Stop tanning at least 4 weeks before the treatment.

2.  What should I expect during the procedure?
The laser equipment will be adjusted according to the color, thickness and location of your hair being treated as well as your skin color.

You will be given proper eye protection.
Before you leave please schedule your next appointment.  It is important to come in for regular appointments for the best results. 

3.  What should I expect after the procedure?
For a day or two afterwords, the treated area of the skin may look and feel like it has been sunburned.

You may wear makeup after 24 hours if the face area was done.
Keep the area clean.
If you have any complications, call immediately and we will discuss what you can do to help healing.
Your treated hair will fall out within a few days to weeks. 
Wear sunscreen.

No tanning during the treatments.

4.  Who is a good candidate?
A good candidate for laser is someone with dark to medium colored hair and  lighter skin coloring.  Since the laser targets pigmentation, if you have darker skin color, the laser will sometimes cause hypo or hyper pigmentation.

5.  Can you treat my teenager?
Yes, if they can tolerate it.  Most teenagers love the fact that they can stop shaving.

6.  Is laser hair removal painful?
The level of discomfort depends on the treated area, the texture of the hair and the skin color.

To help with the discomfort, cryo is dispersed at the time of each pulse.

After each treatment, the hair becomes lighter and thinner making each treatment more comfortable.

7.  What happens at the consultation?
At the consultation, I will first have you fill out some paperwork.  Then I tour you through the spa.  After that we can sit down and I can answer all of your questions, go over the treatment plan and discuss pricing.  At that time, if you are a good candidate for laser, we can start a treatment/test spot.

8.  Are there any side effects?
There are some side effects that can be explained in more detail when you come in for your consultation.  The main one would be redness and swelling.

9.  How many treatments do I need?
Laser hair removal should take anywhere from six to eight treatments.  There is a reduced rate after the initial 8 treatments (touch-up rate).

Laser hair removal will never get rid of 100% of the hair, it is a permanent hair reduction and you should be wary of anyone promising otherwise.  The permanent reduction usually falls into a range of 50 to 90 percent but everyone has different results depending on the area and what is causing the hair to grow.

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