Skin Care with Charity


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Customized Facial All facials are customized to your specific skin care needs.  They will leave you feeling fresh and rejuvenated.

Express Facial - 30 mins - $50
Deluxe Facial - 60 mins - $100

Micro Current Facial Toning Tone and stimulate facial muscles to help promote collagen and circulation.  $35

Diamond Microdermabrasion Gently remove dead skin cells, improve skin texture, and unblock pores with bipolar radiofrequency for tightening & oxygen therapy for moisturizing. All microderms are done on the face and neck area.  $130

Celebrity Facial Like a filler for the whole face and neck.  Exfoliates. Brightens.  Plumps.  $150

OxyGeneo Deluxe Facial  Rejuvenate skin for superior radiance & cell oxygenation.  Exfoliates skin & promotes skin renewal.  Illuminates skin with superior radiance.  Infuses active ingredients to revive & rejuvenate the skin.  Oxygenate skin for cell repair & increase cell metabolism. Exfoliating, Oxygenating & Infusing (with ultrasound) the skin.  Peel included - $130 includes light therapy

Hydra Oxygen Facial Uses patented technology to cleanse, extract and hydrate the skin.  The serums create an instant glow with their nourishing ingredients. Cleanse + Peel, Extract + Hydrate, Fuse + Protect- $130

Gold Facial -  
Exfoliates with PHA/AHA.  Uses 25 needles to penetrate product delivery. Hevatox Gold Ampoule.  Helps prevent premature aging, treats sun damage, brightens complexion, reduces acne and pimples and stimulates skin cells.
Intro Price- $175


Glycolic 33% Peel By rapidly exfoliating cells, this peel unclogs pores, smoothes texture, and clarifies. $60

Marine Enzyme Peel This soothing gel combines sea algae and fruit enzymes which helps exfoliate dead cells from the outer most layer of skin and promotes a healthy glow. $60


Lactic Enzyme Peel Good for acne, enlargedpores, texture & pigmentation. $60

Papya Enzyme Peel Good for blemishes & fine lines. $60

Pumpkin Enzyme Peel Good for sensitive skin,cleans out pores & softens. $60

Lumi Enzyme Peel Good for acne, rosacea & brightens skin. $60

Gon Mask Enzyme Peel Good to give skin a glow. $60

(All include light therapy)

Synergie Body Contouring

The key benefits are: skin tightening, body contouring,improved circulation, pain management, provides inch loss and cellulite reduction.

$55 per treatment

6 treatments $300 /12 treatments $540

Cavitation & RF The Ultrasonic Cavitation and Radio Frequency treatment breaks down fat cells, smooths cellulite, tones and tightens your skin.  

  • Painless and nonsurgical way to remove fat and cellulite.

  • Reduce fat in specific areas – thighs, hips, stomach, back, buttocks and arms

  • Tighten and tone sagging skin

  • Smooth Cellulite

1 Treatment - $200
5 Treatments - $875
10 Treatments - $1500
*Maintenance prices available


Henna Brow Tint - $35 (includes wax)
Keratin Lash Lift & Tint - $125
Keratin lash infusion is a conditioning treatment that has the added bonus of also lifting the lashes in the process.
This treatment increases the volume and diameter of each lash by 30-40%.
3 treatments recommended for the greatest strengthening & lengthening results every 4-8 weeks.


Eyelash Extensions

Classic Full Set - $175
Hybrid Full Set - $200
Volume Full Set - $225

Custom Fill (Price change starting 11/1/2021)
2-3 Week Fill- $75
4-5 Week Fill - $90
*If it has been more then 5 weeks for your last lash service it will be considered a full set.

Removal - $30

Featuring Nova Lash

Brows Microblading & Shading

Classic Microblading - $400 
Shading - $350
Microblading & Shading - $450
Additional Touch Up - $100
Yearly Color Boost- $200  



Eyebrows - $20
Upper Lip - $18
Nose - $18
Eyebrows and Upper Lip - $28
Underarms - $35
Bikini - $40

Brazilian - $70
Half Leg - $45
Full Leg - $65
Back - $50
Chest - $50



Glycolic/Enzyme Peels - $20
Vibration Plate - $10
High Frequency - $15
Light Therapy Mask - $15
BT Micro - $25
Vacuum - $25
Sheet Mask - $15